Sunday, May 11

Tranquility Mowing

I am putting out a plea to anyone that would be willing to help mow a section or two of the mountain bike trail. Greg and Dave mowed the North side last week but the South side still needs a trim. I thought my feet would be healed up enough to mow the trail but just doing my own yard is a painful challenge. I can do trail tread work fine but pick the pace up to a constant walk over uneven terrain and I send up the white flag. Hopefully in another couple weeks I will be able to start mowing the trail. Until then I would be grateful for any help knocking down the new growth. I did take advantage of the moist soil conditions and spent 3 hours benching in the North side Sunday morning so hopefully things will start rolling a bit smoother.

Many humble thanks.....



Rico said...

I am available Tuesay evening. I don't have a mower but I do have legs and back and would love to help.


dmars said...
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dmars said...

I can mow friday around 4 or 4:30 for an hour or so.

Stratomatic said...

The west half of the inner loop and the south side of the creek are mowed down for now.

Garage Sales can be kinda great (when it's not at my house). I scored a $3 Craftsmen Gas Weedwacker last weekend. It needed a fix to the fuel delivery. Now it runs great. I'll take that over and finish the south side of the creek in the trees if it's not raining tomorrow.

I saw Dale, Martin and Greg out riding Traquility. They were hauling ass when the wind was at their backs! :o)

- Paul

Rico said...

I will be at TP between 5-530
Doug. If you got eqpuipment I can use so as to mow, that would be great. I will have my bike with me soooooo

dmars said...

Sorry I didnt get a chance to mow friday, I tweaked my back friday morning, and I am hurting now.