Tuesday, May 13

prep bikes for platte river race this sunday

Just a reminder to check over your bike for the race. The shop is busy with repairs so if you need repair work, don't wait to get it in.

I read team gibson are riding solo so they can ride the race together. Though team riding was fun last year, forcing a lap on, lap off recovery, I will be riding solo as well with breaks when needed. Since I'm pushing a bigger gear in order not to spinout on the downhills, I will be push climbing even more this year.

Heard there are a few surprises if you haven't rode Platte lately. Looking forward to seeing how many laps I can ride/walk in 6hrs at Platte!


1by9 said...

What kind of gear set up are you running at Platte Sunday Dale? Hell, I'm having my 1x9 reduced back to a 32 tooth when I start riding again.

dale said...

I've been riding mostly a 38x19 but recently upped it to 38x18. I'm thinking 32x18 or 19 for Platte. Last year I think I ran 32x20.