Tuesday, November 20

to be or not to be

... part of bmcc? That is a good question.

Bike Masters Cycling Club is a bunch of individuals who love cycling and riding together. We have people across the spectrum of ability, motivation, and availability for you to ride with.

What distinguishes us from other cyclists is our commitment:

  • to represent Bike Masters by wearing a BMCC jersey
  • to support the shop through purchasing its products and services
  • to volunteer time and energy in the local cycling scene
  • to enjoy some ride time with fellow members.

Bike Masters enriches the local cycling scene through regular and impromptu rides, races, fund raisers, bike rodeos, mtb trail maintenance, in addition to providing great products, service, and cycling knowledge.

Members receive:

  • free access to our cycling library (over 25 titles)
  • a 10% discount on energy food, bike assessories and clothing
  • preferential queing for service
  • identification with a great group of people
  • writing priviledges on the bmcc blog (worth the price of admission alone! )

If you want to be part of the foundation which supports a great bike shop, we welcome you to fill out a membership form and purchase a BMCC jersey.

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