Thursday, November 15

TNR at Jewell tonight

Meet at Jewell Parking lot at 6, ride at 6:15.

I'll be leaving Bike Masters at 5:20 or so if you want to car pool there. We will probably eat after the ride. Back at the shop by 9:30 or 10.


dale said...

"Four and no more" Gary said as we left the parking lot. (Actually there were six if you count Dicky and Cody walking the trail.) Roxy and Martin were in front as we entered the interior loop. I hate that first singletrack climbing sequence when the legs are not warmed up. I stalled out on the final right turn.

I barely made the second long climb but then after a 30' breather the trail turns up again and was filled with 8" of leaves. I pushed sounding like an old weezer trying to satisfy the ravenous appetite for air in my lungs.

Periodic piles of leaves blurred the trail lines and the occassional root or surface irregularity. I rode like the leaves were snow, braking excessively beforehand and seeking the straightest line through them.

On the outer loop were big improvements on the first two bridges. The second bridge that is hit with speed to make the climb is probably 3' wide with transitions as smooth as pavement. I found the bypass to the skinny cement culvert and the logs next to the hollow tree trunk provide an easy option.

The last bridge is still the original design of slat board between two branches and is a sphincter tightener.

Gary had a mechanically filled night with his heart rate monitor, computer, water bottle cage, and dead battery - he was pitching parts left and right.

Roxy tested RF's new DIY battery pack, worked well for the two laps we did.

Martin didn't get the memo and rode with baggy shorts and exposed legs.

L&C has more climbing and length, but Jewell has a skinnier trail corridor and less underbrush so the trail disappears many times, especially at night with the leaves down. Some may see this as a detriment, other see the cup half full as a different kind of ttf.

Though challenging, I like Jewell. It clearly teaches that climbing momentum is the friend of ss'ers.

Martin and I hit La Mesa's for carbo loading with a tasty chicken taco salad and XX to wash it down.

Good times last night.

Tim Wieland said...

Stuck working late, sorry I missed ... woulda been fun!