Wednesday, November 21

Big Tummy ride this Friday

If your looking for a way to work off your Thanksgiving dinner, join us this Friday for the Big Tummy ride.

The original plan was to meet at Bike Masters at 9am, but that has changed. Instead, we will be meeting up at Crane Coffee on Cass Street right off of the Keystone Trail AT 8AM. More details are in the comments.

Dress warm because it's going to be COLD!!


UnderDaHill said...

Changes have been made. I updated the original blog entry as well.

Here are the updated details:

We will be starting at around 8am from Crane Coffee on Cass Street near the Keystone trail. The ride will be around 3 hours, but maybe longer an shorter. Who knows.

It's going to be cold, so dress appropriately. I would suggest bringing a small backpack or something with extra clothes (windshells, warmer socks, chemical warmer insoles, etc) so that you can add additional gear, or remove gear if you over dress.

The current weather forcast shows an expected temp of just around 25ºF at 8am with winds from the SW at about 6mph. The afternoon high is supposed to be around 45º. So it's going to be a pretty cold ride.

You can contact Ryan F. or myself if you want more details.

Oh... and if you want a good pair of shoes for riding in sub freezing weather, I highly recommend the Shimano MW-02 that Dave has in stock. I rode in them today with just 2 pair of summer socks and my feet stayed warm for my entire 13 mile commute (30ºf with 17ºF windchill). Just get them one size larger so you can fit THICK wool socks in them and you can probably handle single digit riding temps.

If you need gear suggestions for a cold weather ride. Drop me a line or talk to Tim at the shop. We are both familiar with what clothing is necessary for such rides.

RF said...

8am is awfully early and will be COLD. 9am would make a significant temperature difference... can I persuade you?

bryan said...

don't you have some sort of battery pack warmer sort of thing?