Friday, January 11


"You do not have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things,to compete.
You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated."

Edmund Hillary

I need to start training.


RF said...

RIP Edmund.

You only live once. Set priorities, set goals, and pack it all in. Push your comfort zone. Wake up excited, go to bed exhausted. Its not about years of life but rather life in your years, etc etc.

And don't forget to clean your chain every now & then.

1by9 said...

Motivation is way over rated and can lead to pain and suffering. Relax your comfort zone, decrease goals and expectations. Life is about a good soft couch, beverages, tv remotes sporting new batteries and plenty of tasty junk food within arms reach. Visual long naps... then make it happen. Wake up excited, go to the bathroom then go back to bed. Its not about years of life but rather years of lazy lounging and happiness, etc etc.

And don't forget to clean your mind of any guilt now & then.

Tim Wieland said...

Hear Hear!

1by9 said...

In the words of R.F. "Yeah Baby" eating chicken wings is all the motivation one needs in life. Besides, we don't have any mountains around here to climb but a plate with a mountain of chicken bones on it IS something to behold.

dale said...

I think rf's been hanging around roxy too much. 1by9, those are golden nuggets to live by. Just thinking about them and it feels like I need to loosen my belt up a notch.

POLOSCAB said...

I must admit to eating several wings sunday . Our son the cowboys fan came over, we let him in because he had hooters wings. Those are real good because the spices are in the batter, not just sprayed on. cowboys lost, cool.

dale said...

Danna and I went to the gym and lifted weights for the first time in 8 months. 2x8 at 25-30% of weight we were lifting last year. 3 weeks of slowly increase sets, reps, and weight before 2 wks of strength and 2 weeks of power lifting. Will have to overlap with increasing ride lengths to be ready for Moab/Fruita in March.