Thursday, January 10

Saturday Morning Ride

What do the mountain bikers think conditions would be like at Manawa, Tranquility or Swanson early Saturday morning while the ground is still frozen? Predicted temps are supposed to get down to the mid teens both Sat. and Sun. mornings. I am toying with the idea of off roading if possible, otherwise maybe another gravel roader.



dale said...

Because tranquility doesn't have a compacted trail, the snow would have to be solid to be rideable for me. I tried riding some unplowed sidewalk along 144th last weekend and lasted a hundred feet of sinking in before pushing out to the road.

I would think Swanson and Manawa would be rideable at temps up to mid 20's, maybe higher if a cloudy day.

If there is a strong (15+) wind, that would probably keep me off the road with those temps, though I would like to ride down to Swanson for a lap or two and back.

I should have ridden tonight but we ate steak celebrating Hannah putting contacts in her eyes and Danna getting a raise.

RF said...

Shim, Kevin, & Co are gonna be doin a gravel grinder for approx 3 hours Sat afternoon. Its not fast but it aint slow either. Not sure if I can make it yet but if the timing works I will join them. Doug, Aaron, or anyone looking for a good long workout, good base miles in zones 1-2-3 I would encourage you to attend. watch the mtbomaha blog or email me if interested.

Congrats Hannah on the contacts! I tried it first when I was 13 and couldnt stand it, didnt try again until I was 22. Sounds like Hannah has it nailed much earlier than I could've-- good work, its worth it!

Congrats to Danna on the raise. If half of what Dale says is true, then she's working hard and deserves the raise and then some.

UnderDaHill said...

I saved money on my car insurance by switching to Gico. Where is my steak? ;-)

dale said...

I thought you traded the steak for your winter boots? Economics is a zero-sum game, unless you use credit cards, then it's exponential.