Saturday, January 12

cold wind and hard ground

Doug and I checked out Tranquility this morning. Here's what I got over my hip socket:

Trail is snow/ice, rough, slippery, and narrow from the walkers. Not worth riding in my view. We decided to do some urban and rode a gravel subdivision north of blondo and west of 132nd. Nice hills but cold wind.


1by9 said...

The cold wind was nasty and the trail choppy but it was still fun riding with you Dale. I've never seen anyone spin so fast as you do now on the downhills.

dale said...

Its sort of like the old saying, "necessity is the mother of invention". Now I just need to relax more so I'm not out of breath at the bottom of the hills! Or maybe I need to learn to recover going uphill. 8-)

It was good riding with you too Doug. Seems if you ride an hour before I do and ride your studs on cement, the pace is more to my liking.

POLOSCAB said...

Kind of funny that the anti-training guy is the same guy we all have to chase.