Monday, January 14

Fork cleaning

Dave and I replaced the oil in our forks last night. Had a great time.

I found out that it is real easy to do, and plan on doing myself every year.


dale said...

That's cool!
You guys are a pretty good shot getting the oil into the coffee can.
Nice work area.

1by9 said...

That is a cool work area. Where is the refrigerator and microwave?

Greg said...

Well, we had many oil spills, next time I will use an oil drain pan.

Someday I plan on getting a refigerator, (need some place to keep the brews) but, dont know about the microwave. :)

dmars said...

Oil??? I think I messed up, I filled my fork with beer instead of oil. Ill have to see how it effects the dampening.

dale said...

As long as you didn't drink the oil!