Saturday, December 15

rode gravel friday night

I decided to try some gravel last night on the way home. Danna suggested going west on Fort since it was a bad time to ride Military and State. Left the shop after dark. Fort was busy with rush hour traffic so I took Larimore and dropped out on Fort around 152nd.

Been a while since I was swore at, but a guy in a pickup took care of that. Gravel starting at 178th was frozen with occassional packed snow. The only time I spun was out of the saddle climbing. Good ride till I turned around at 194th and found a headwind for the return. Flag showed a N wind but it must have been NE because it was really cold and I didn't feel it going W. Had to run hands under water when I got home. Checked the weather station and it was 14 with a wind chill of 5. I forgot how treeless and cold gravel roads can be. I only averaged about 10 mph.


dmars said...

Dale, ill cuss at you anytime for free, and you can stay warm while i do it. (tried to make one of those smiley face icon thingy but didnt work.)

dale said...
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dale said...

Had to remove my previous comment - using foul language alongside the name of Jesus. Some of my conversations with God are more raw than what is publically acceptable, especially when the blog is associated with Dan's shop and not my own blog.

Though ignoring someone cussing at me on my bike is often a good response, does anyone have other replies that would cause someone to think and not just inflame the situation? Or is it not worth the effort?