Friday, December 14

my spayed (fixed) mary

Cleaned up the ole gal and removed the rear brake assembly. I like the look of simplicity.

Danna jokes about my relationship with mary calling her my mistress. I was considering leaving mary for another (super) model but I couldn't do it so, I bought Mary outright today! Danna said she is now part of the family. I said if she's part of the family, she has a new title of concubine. Though true to the motif, "my concubine mary" misses the seductiveness and alliteration of "my mistress mary".


POLOSCAB said...

Either way, she's hot!!

RF said...

that is a very clean looking bike. clean lines without the cables. simplicity and fun at its finest. congrats on the new addition to the family.

Monday i am bringing in my trance to get it spayed.

dmars said...

Wow! clean is right, are you sure that is your bike Dale? Where is the mud. Also whats this about fixed gear? Im confused, I know about the 29r cult, the single speed cult, but have no clue about the fixed cult. Looks great anyway

dale said...
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dale said...

Thanks poloscab. She is a looker.

rf, unfortunately, multigear multisuspension bikes are mongrel offspring that cannot be spayed or neutered because of their multichainlength mutation. Hence, the pestilence of their rapid multiplication on singletrack.

dmars, the antimultigear cult gets more eccentric (or trackends), simple (we don't use no prosthetic chain tensioner), and pureblooded (rejecting the motorcycle crossbreeding) the closer one gets to being fully committed (or committable) to the devolution.

Some switch metaphors and call it a zen thing - becoming one with your bike and the earth. In other words, the evolution of the mtb has increased one's separation from the earth through squishy multisuspension and muscle softening multigears. As it is written, "Wide is the path the many follow to destruction while narrow is the path the few find for salvation."

dale said...

Rereading my previous post, I usually keep those conversations in my head with the other voices. 8^)

RF said...

if you want your offroad travels to be more "one with the earth" or "closer to earth" you could always just run through trails barefoot. simplify.

I think i see why i cant get my multigear suspension bike fixed or spayed. Maybe thats why multigear suspension bikes are multiplying like bunnies. :-)