Friday, December 14

Standing Bear plowed

They plowed the trail yesterday for the second time this year. The inch or so of snow we got Tuesday night actually provided better traction than this. Still mostly snow with some melting, the trail is very rideable at an easy pace. When I'm not hearing the snow crunch, I hear ice cracking. When I don't hear either, that's the solid ice with little traction.

I've been riding it like a point to point: from my house, I get on the cement trail in the neighborhood north of us, ride through the wilderness and straight across 144th to the north side of the lake, around the south side to 144th, and retrace. Probably between 5 and 6 miles each way.


Stratomatic said...

The city really did some nice work with the paved trails at Standing Bear this year. I hope to do some night riding out there after Christmas.

It would be outstanding if the Standing Bear trails got connected to Big Papio Trail someday. I noticed it was plowed between Blondo and Dodge (probably more).

dale said...

With low grade hills, they work great for an easy snow ride. Not until they widen the W. Maple Road bridge east of 120th will the Big Papio Trail go by.

Not to bad to get to the BPT now. I cut through Tranquility and parking lot, pulling onto 120th just before W Maple and get in the left turn lane, cross over to the northbound sidewalk and cut through Mulhall's parking lot and back streets to Blondo.