Saturday, December 15

My new Trance X

Talked with shop wrench Tim the other night, realized he hasn't even
seen my new ride. Picked up the frame on a Friday night when the
trails were dry. Finished building it early next morning, and by that
time there was 3+" of ice and snow on the ground :-( Includes X-9
shifting from my hardtail, XTR hydro brakes, new RF stem, seatpost,
carbon bars, and RF cranks from Grady. Wheels are XT hubs laced to
Mavic 717s, also from my hardtail (and prior to that from Grady!)

In these photo's I've got a 2.2 and 2.0" tire on it. Just swapped out
for a 2.7" upfront and 2.5" in back for the snow ride tomorrow!

The Fox 32 TALAS RLC fork is the gem on this bike... flip a lever 90
degrees and the fork will switch from 140mm to 120mm to 100mm of
travel-- so you can effectivelyt change your ride height and steering
angle on the fly. The rear end has 127mm of travel.

1 comment:

dale said...

Very nice looking ride and specs, rf! I bet you don't have much clearance with those big meats. Sounds like Martin's tractor tires.