Monday, December 17

today's mtb ride around sbl

Was able to get around Standing Bear yesterday afternoon. Walkers/runners compacted a singletrack that reminded me of Tranquility, only rougher! Was able to pedal through 4" of fluff too, but I don't know if that will be doable after the melt compaction today.

I'm down for an earlier ride (15 or 1600 or so?) this afternoon around sbl and at the normal 1800 for those who can't get out before then.

I encourage everyone to take advantage of riding in the snow. Why travel somewhere distant to ride different tread and ttfs when God changes them up for us at home?


1by9 said...

I agree, while the snow, ice and slop leave alot to be desired it is still kinda fun to try and stay upright on 2 wheels. Sunday, Monday and today I rode gravel roads and had a blast. When my Nokian studs come in I may try some single track.

I bet chicken wings taste good this time of year don't they Tim!

dale said...

What gravel routes have you been riding?

Tim Wieland said...

You know I'm loving the wings (and eatin' a whole lot more than I'm riding!)