Monday, April 8

tranquility trailwork today, apr 8, 6-8 pm

Meet at kiosk, 124th and Fort St, parking lot by kiosk. May be full of soccer 
mom's so drive carefully. 
Work to do: 
Eric is bringing the sod cutter to recut current trail along Big Papio Creek 
south and north of Fort St. We will start at Fort St bridge and go south against 
bike traffic to old trail and then north to big dip and then back south into 
trees. The 18" cutter will hopefully ride over current tread and cut 4-6" off 
both sides. Need to people with shovels throwing cut sod outside of where tigger 
Bag trash along Fort St, West Treeline behind houses, along creek south of 
kiosk. Lots of trash from winter. 
Lopper and saw low branches in trees (Nursery, Fort St Loop, and North Hill 
Descent, West Treeline behind houses north of Fort. 
Getting trail ready for Nebraska Lottery Psycowpath race on Sat, Apr 20, and for
the riding season. 

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