Sunday, April 7

snagged some podiums at psycowpath races jewell and swanson

Dave N broke out in force this weekend with winning the Jewell TT and Swanson STXC combined podium and the Swanson cat 3 50+ XC podium.

Brian H had to go to a backup bike to participate only in the Swanson STXC on Saturday but made 3rd place on the Swanson cat 3/40-49 XC podium.

Dale R combined 4th in TT with 4th in STXC for a 3rd place podium - his first podium in 7 yrs or so. Dale's 4hr marathon experience wasn't as fun. He bonked badly on his 5th lap after about 2.5hrs in the saddle. He had to walk the hills on the last 3/4 of the lap. Butt was to sore to sit on and legs were to sore to stand on pedals, so he walked. Hamburger and hot dog helped post race but he didn't feel well till he got home and drank 16oz of milk with 5 spoons of sugar. Should have taken a nap for growth hormone to be released and repair muscle damage but he hasn't yet.

Maybe Dave and Brian will add a little about there race experience this weekend.

Thanks to Midwest Cycling Community and volunteers for doing a great job hosting the Nebraska Lottery Psycowpath Series race weekend - see the link for more mtb racing -

Next race is at Tranquility Park April 20th and hosted by us - Bike Masters Cycling.

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