Friday, February 10

thoughts and pics from 2.6 mnr

From summer temps last mnr to winter temps and a challenging snow course, what seven days can bring. Left the shop with no one. Been a while since that happened. Saw Michael's truck at the west entrance. Followed the trail packed down by the guys on Saturday - thanks to Paul, Mike, Jenna, Chris, and Michael.

Just above freezing, I was sinking in a little so the ride was a workout. Had to get off a couple times per lap on the North Creek Loop. More on second because getting tired. Third lap reversed and it was easier and fewer dismounts.

Ran into Michael on the first lap, and Mike on the second. Saw some fog rolling in across the parking lot from the Big Papio, very cool. We decide to ride to the North Fort St loop, good thing because Chris was riding, Steve skiing, and Cody running. That loop seemed easier because it was flatter.

Rode in 4x4 tracks around the wetlands loop. That's the best time I've had riding any vehicle tracks! Very challenging because of narrow, high sidewalls. But the tread was packed down so compactly, it was easier to hold a straight line.
Chris was the only one to clear the double g-out. Michael endo'd. Mike and I were somewhere in between.

Had to watch for black ice on pavement. Very enjoyable ride!

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