Tuesday, February 14

2.13 tpmnr

Rode in from west entrance along north side of creek. The 2" of new snow of super quiet - whiiissssshhhhh. Until I would get close to the edge and catch some of the older crusted snow. Pushed out to parking lot and rode to north side trailhead where Chris was unloading his bike while Dave and Paul were outfitted with snowshoes. Mike then joined us with a bad cold and his fat bike.

Trail to north and along creek were very rideable. Prairie north of bridge was a slog. I just pushed for a while. The 4x4 tracks around the wetlands were more difficult this week because snow drifted across and couldn't see edges. Paul and Dave skied back west treeline about half way. Not too bad but I had to push the false flats and rode the rest.

This ride had the most work of the snow rides this year. Have a better appreciation of Chris, Mike, Paul, and others cutting the snow trail.

The flatter the trail, and the more trees, the easier the snow trail. Wondering if we could access the Fort St Loop from the park entrance and get that rideable? With the warm weather compacting the snow, will have to wait till it mostly melts and we get some new fluffy stuff to work with.

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