Monday, February 21

monday mtb ride 02.21 - singletrack tonight!

With all the warm weather, it is difficult to ride in subfreezing temps again, but if you want to get on singletrack before Spring, this is an opportunity you shouldn't miss.

The snow has melted and the ground has firmed up with frost. Let's refresh our singletrack skills and scout out the tread conditions after the big melt.

Leave the shop at 6 pm.
Let's enjoy the ride!


Stratomatic said...

It was very cold. Low 20s when we left the shop. Dale, Brian and myself got a lap in. There were a few places where the ice on the trail made the ride sketchy but none of us took a spill. Most of the trail was very fun to ride. The cold we have had since Sunday at about 2PM made the trail solid. Yet in some places there was some softness deeper in the trail. We didn't leave any tracks but it was a strange feeling. Until I asked Dale and Brian if they felt it, I thought something was wrong with my bike. Great to get on singletrack again after being away for almost 2 months. Today's warm up will make it way too sloppy again. Thanks for getting us out there Dale.

dale said...

Glad you and Brian wanted to ride. I was colder for longer on our Sunday afternoon ride to Zorinski. But the ride home was colder still; I had to hold my mitten over my nose (exposed skin) much of the way. Windchill hurt.

After three broken zip ties on one ride, your idea about a metal hose clamp to secure my rear fender is appreciated.