Monday, February 14

monday mtb ride 02.14 what a difference a week makes

Last Monday and Tuesday, I rode to work and back in temps around 0. Felt like I was pedaling through mud. Could have been all of Zac's birthday cake and ice cream I ate those days. Or the 16psi in the tires. But even airing them up to 30, pedaling was perceived more difficult than regular. Maybe the density of the cold air was approaching the viscosity of water.

Compared to yesterday's ride at 60 degrees with Greg, Dave, and Paul - the difference was night and day. Pavement and gravel felt good and the hills cause me to breath hard, helping reinvigorate the blood.

Will need to be careful tonight, temps will be around the freezing point turning the melt into black ice. Will stick to streets, maybe west out Ida to gravel and back Fort St?

Leave the shop at 6 pm. Enjoy the ride!

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