Sunday, October 31

mary to mary2

I've been riding mary since the Fall of 06, fixed her in Dec of 07, and haven't went back to the free ride since.

Though she was poached this Spring, Ananth brought her back to me. The marathon races over the years had my tired butt riding heavy on the seat with skinny 40c non squish tires. After the Branched Oak race, I heard a creak and found a cracked seat tube just above the seat stays:

I talked with the Haro, sent in some pictures on a Thursday, and had a replacement frame the next Tuesday! But I kept putting off the build and riding the cracked frame over a month. The crack was growing so I finally moved all the parts over. The old headset was toast so I upgraded to a Chris King. Replaced the bb, my third or fourth one.

I then went back to 50c+ fat tires since I'm not commuting much beyond riding to work or Tranquility. I've ridden Mary2 on a couple mnr's.

Saturday, I mounted some stainless steel Gilles Berthoud fenders. Will take the maiden singletrack voyage with them on the mnr tomorrow. I hope the fenders are stiff enough so the struts don't bounce into the sidewalls, otherwise I will have to go back to the 40c tires again.


Biker Bob said...

Looks nice Dale. Those fenders scream for a matching chain guard. ;-)

dale said...

Yes, that would look sweet! The ebb would complicate the design. I prefer the entire chain guarded. Without solid mounts, I wouldn't do it. Something to include in my custom IF though!