Saturday, May 15

more on the return of mary

Talked with Ananth who grabbed mary at the Community Bicycle Shop Omaha on May 8. Thanks again, Ananth. I owe him some coffee and CBSO some volunteer time.

Some guy was doing a bicycle roundup in the neighborhood around Bike Masters. I don't have his name but Ananth says he has done this before and brings the bikes to the CBSO. (caveat: CBSO does not take donations of department store bikes - too many of them) Mary was one of the bikes given to the roundup. Don't know if the person who donated her is the thief or just found her. The guy gathering the bikes doesn't remember for sure which person dontated mary. Fortunately, Ananth recognized mary from a photo on facebook and set her aside, then called Bike Masters.

Recap: I washed mary and left her outside the back door of the shop to dry off and forgot about her. She was stolen Apr 21 and returned 18 days later. I am grateful to get her back.

Before your bike is stolen:
- write down her serial number along with year, make, and model.
- take recent picture of her

After your bike is stolen:
- file a police report. all pawn shops check their bikes against stolen bike list.
- get picture and word out via local bike blogs/facebook accounts, etc.

I checked the neighborhood that day but there are so many streets to check, I sooned became discouraged.

Brady tells a great story of the full process he went through to get back Old Yeller.

Bottom line: secure your bike well when left unattended in public places to discourage the spur-of-the-moment thieves. Better security is to lock it inside a building when possible.

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