Saturday, May 8

holy cow! - mary is back!

After working at Calvin Crest today, I pull into the driveway slammed for time, shower dog, shower me, take daughter to concert in CB. Talking with Dave on phone about trailwork at Tranquility. Entire family is in front driveway on porch swing.

What happens next, Leah wheels Mary around from the side! I can't believe it! Still has all the crummy parts and all the nice parts.

How did they get her?

A guy at the Community Bike Shop saw mary in the back of truck at the CBS. He grabbed mary out of the truck and then called Bike Masters. He recognized mary from the pics on facebook.

The biking community looking out for each other!

This is the first understanding of the story, I still need to talk to the guy and take him and his wife/girlfriend out to dinner.

Almost cried at mary's return. I'm very thankful God saw fit to bring mary back into my life.

Now off to CB!

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Stratomatic said...

Fantastic! Hope to see you on her again Monday Night. FYI - The Slowdown is having a concert tonight to benefit the Community Bike Shop. More details here.