Thursday, May 6

mountain goat ride this saturday

the route cue sheet for the Mountain goat ride is in the comments.

We will have a SAG van. Thanks to Rod for driving.

Please be careful on downhill runs into corners. The course has not been swept, so gravel may be there from winter and spring runoff. it is not a race, so be careful out there.

You can see the map on mapmyride under Mt Goat II. The route is same as last year.
Thanks, Dave


dale said...
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dale said...

Start Time: 8:30 AM
Leave from Bike Masters parking lot, 129 & Fort
Ride Leader: Dave R - get phone number at ride
SAG Vehicle: Rod C - get phone number at ride

This ride is intended for experienced cyclists who are sure they can complete a tough, hilly ride. You are expected to carry everything you need to complete the ride. There will be opportunities to get food and drink along the way. We hope that the group can stay together as much as possible, or break up into smaller groups that can ride together.

This ride takes us on a variety of roads and highways. Hope you enjoy the varied and scenic tour.

South on 129 St thru neighborhood
Continue on Grand to 132 St
North on 132 St to Military
East on Military to 122 St
North on 122 St, continue on Whitmore to 120 ST
North on 120 St to State
East on State to 117 St
North on 117 St, continue on Hadan, continue on 120St to Rainwood
East on Rainwood, cross Hwy 133 to 108 St
South on 108 St to State St
East on State St to Wenninghoff
Jog South to pick up State St Eastbound
East on State St to 60 St
North on 60 St to Hwy 36
Pit Stop at Convenience Store corner of Mormon Bridge Rd

East on Hwy 36 to Pershing Dr
North on Pershing Dr to Oakridge Rd
West on Oakridge Rd to 36 St
North on 36 St to N Post Rd
West on N Post Rd to Calhoun Rd
North on Calhoun Rd to Hwy 75

Hwy 75 North to Northern Hills Dr
West on Northern Hills Dr to 72 St
North on 72 St to CR 140/40
West on CR 140/40 to CR P43
CR P43 North to Hwy 75, continue into Ft Calhoun
Pit Stop at gas station in Ft Calhoun

North on Hwy 75 to Clay St/ CR P32
Continue on CR P32 (watch for .5 miles of gravel)
South on CR P37 to Hwy 133

South on Hwy 133 to Hwy 36
West on Hwy 36, slide over to Bennington Rd
West on Bennington Rd to 168 St
South on 168 St to Military
East on Military to 132 St

South on 132 St to Himebaugh
East on Himebaugh to 129 St
South on 129 to Fort

Bike Masters

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