Sunday, May 9

RF on the Podium at Krug Park race

RF had a spectacular ride yesterday at Krug Park down in St Joe. 4th overall of all CAT 1s and 2nd in his class. Pretty damn good for riding a course he's never seen before.

3 each 7+ mile loops of very new sweet groomed tree lined trails.


dale said...

Awesome! Glad you guys took advantage of Platte being cancelled. I forgot there was a race down there, but I actually wanted to work at Calvin Crest anyway.

RF said...

Thanks Dale & Martin. It was a fun event. Pretty sure my last lap was faster than my 2nd lap, negative splits are encouraging. Fresh metatarsal pads seemed to help foot numbness issues as well... so I'm looking forward to more local races.

Martin got his money's worth on a challenging course for sure-- good long ride, it will make the next XC race seem short & easy!