Friday, March 13

mary got a little color

I finally got my wtb dirt drops mounted. Leah and Dan wrapped the bars with pink, though Hannah says bubblegum, bar tape. The colors clash so mary's probably less likely to be stolen. I scooted the seat ahead when I got home. Drops feel pretty good sitting and standing but the hoods don't have my wrists at the best angle sitting, and standing they feel narrow. We'll see how the body adapts to the new position.

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POLOSCAB said...

I have been toying with the idea of Dirt Drops or a Nitto bar that is similar on the Voodoo. I took the gears back off it a couple weeks ago.
Thats the cool part about not having shifters to contend with, it opens up lots of possibilites.
I'll be interested in how this works for you.
I may not be man enough for that bar tape though.