Monday, March 16

first sat roadride of 09

Seems two groups left Sat, at 11 and noon. I was in the noon group. First road ride this year other than commuting. I hung with the group about 3 miles to 156th and military. Said good bye and rode my pace through Elk City to hwy36, down the hill and up gravel Elk City Drive. Several sections of crushed stone and a long hill I thought I might have to walk.

Came back military and around standing bear to get 2 hrs in. First 2hr ride with some hills. Beautiful day to ride.

Had a TP trail inspection with the gang on Sunday at 1230. Had to ride mary with bob to carry mud boots to church and then to TP since the girls were using the other two vehicles. Another nice day to ride.

Check out the THOR blog for info from the trail inspection.

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