Monday, December 1

unplanned customization

Using only one strap to hold the bike on wasn't a good idea. When it broke, the security cable kept the bike from being lost, but the handelbar and brake lever were customized.

My seat adjustment screws had worn through an oury grip previously, so I shifted the bike away but could only hold it with one wheel strapped instead of two. Bad decision. Actually, being dragged and only damaging the handelbar, grip, and brake lever were about the least damage I could hope for.

This is the second bike carrier mistake I've made. Previously on a different rack, I mounted the front end improperly on a hanging rack, front dropped down and I taco'd the wheel.

Bottom line:

  • mount the bike as recommended
  • use security cable for theft prevention and backup retainer
  • use cardboard, plastic cup lid, etc. to separate bike contact points.


dmars said...

WOW! The Mary has been through alot, She is a tough old girl. Looks like you GET to buy some goodies for the bike

Biker Bob said...

Bike contact points have been my issue. I did the following to my Marin only a month after buying it.

Mounted it on a rack attached to the back of a fifth-wheel with 3 other bikes, where it was beat to smitherines for over 600 miles. As a result, I lost paint on the top tube, down tube, crushed a bottle cage, and lost the rubber cap on my bar-con shifter.

I've also nearly destroyed two suspension forks by letting them rub against another bike on a rack. Luckily, neither finished rubbing through the fork enough to breach the outer tubing.

dale said...

I decided to get her going quickly. I had a spare brake lever and the shop had a marybar and oury grips in stock.

I am investigating a wtb drop bar or an on-one midge bar. A very steep stem is needed to make the drops the primary hand position. There is a stock 40 degree 110mm stem to get me closer but it will probably take a custom stem to get the bar where it needs to go.

Yes, even inside my minivan, multiple bikes can scratch one another if they aren't secured well or barriers put in place.

dmars said...

Poor little guy, I bet he kept for a mile or two....