Thursday, December 18

first snow ride

Woke up early Wednesday morning and couldn't get back to sleep. Wanted to ride the snow Tuesday but didn't, so rolled out about 05:30 and rode sans headlight around SBL. Saw bike track for about 200 yds and then it left the trail. Thought about hitting up tp but decided to keep it closer to home. Temp was 5 F with no wind. Very quiet and comfortable until the last 15 minutes - fingers and toes stung pretty quickly. I rode over to Tim's house and left bike tracks across his lawn before going home. 8-) Took about an hour. Very enjoyable and refreshing.

You guys and gals riding trainers are getting a better workout but the sub freezing, no wind, snow rides are worth the dress time even for short rides.


Biker Bob said...

5:30...yikes. Good job on the early morning ride.

I'd encourage everyone to leave bike tracks across Tim's yard until he starts making some of his own bike tracks again. Somebody with some good bike handling skills needs to spell "RIDE" via bike tracks in his front yard. ;-)

Tim Wieland said...

Too funny Dale ... we were out of town until Wednesday evening, and when we got home, Crystal said "Hey, somebody's been riding in our yard?" ... :-)