Thursday, October 30

multitrail epic ride this sat

Usually I do a group road ride on Sat. mornings but this weekend is supposed to be primo weather so I thought about gathering up some peeps and seeing about doing a trail (L&C?) to trail (Manawa?) to trail (?) ride.

Chill ride. No drop.

If you're up for it, meet at the 13th St.Coffee on 13th and Jackson for some joe at 8:30 a.m. (Free street parking on weekends). We'll roll out from there. If not, be on bike ready to pedal at 9am at the ped bridge. We can decide where to go from there. There are gas stations along the way, so don't feel like you hafta pack heavy. I could be talked into pancakes somewhere after.

Tell others. The more the merrier.

Let's do it!

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