Monday, October 20

Heads up

OVQ 316

Remember that. I was riding in northern Omaha on Sunday when guy in a dark green mid-1990s Ford Escort with blue graphics on the sides cut in front of me just before an intersection with a stop sign.

I asked him why he did that, and he pulled through the intersection and stopped. I calmly explained to him that his move was dangerous for both of us. He didn't dig that. He got out of his car and produced a can of pepper spray and mentioned several times that I was going to get sprayed if I argued with him.

So, be careful if you're in that part of town. This guy's a nut job. I called the police but haven't heard back yet. OVQ 316 -- green Ford Escort. And he lives in Raven Oaks.

Stay safe.

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dale said...

I think you handled the situation well, Bryan. You tried to educate and the person was not educatable. Proverbs talks about this person a lot - he is known as a fool.

Reminds me of something called the force continuum. Verbal persuasion is at the low end, homicide the upper end. Understanding that going to the next level of force, (raising voices) especially entering physical force, the increased levels (pepper spray, hand to hand, tools (hammer, screwdriver, bat, knife, gun)) can quickly lead to homicide.

Thus before escalating up the force continuum, ask if the situation is worth dieing or killing for. Only imminent severe physical harm or death to oneself or family requires physcial escalation if you cannot deescalate or escape.

Which reminds me of another continuum - Aware (of your environment), Avoid (possible safety situation), Descalate, Escape. One should not use deadly force unless they have followed this continuum first.

Finally, there are the four universal gun safety rules. At least two of the four have to be broken to accidently shoot someone.

1. Point the gun in a safe direction.
2. Finger off the trigger
3. Check to see if it is loaded (treat all guns as loaded unless you've proven otherwise)
4. Be sure of your target and what is around and behind it.

These three (force continuum, awareness/response continuum, universal gun safety rules) are the trinity of self defense. All should be taught and understood together to keep one safe and actions defendable.