Sunday, October 19

A different sort of ride.

Actually, it was my bike that took a different sort of ride. I left early Saturday for downtown Omaha. Riding my 2000 Marin Palisades Trail down Cass St. towards the Omaha Qwest Center. By this time my hands were getting cold and I wished I had better gloves on. From there I took the walking bridge from the Qwest Center to Riverfront Dr. and the National Parks Service Building. This was the site of the 2008 Omaha Bike Summit. I was able to stay to listen to presenters until lunch. After lunch, I went out in the parking lot to learn how to put my bike on the MAT Bus. Then I rode over to 16th and Capitol and put what I learned to use. When I loaded the bike I realized I was already creating some awareness. As I paid my $1.25 fare, I heard a young man on the bus say "Holy Sh..! you can put you're bike on the bus!".

The "Pali" and I rode the MAT bus west to 108th and Blondo. That's where I took my normal bike commute home from work. We made it home in time to jump in the truck and head south to Platte River State Part for the Bike Bash! - Paul

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dale said...

Thanks Paul for giving us an overview of your experience at the Summit and putting it to use on the way home!

Hopefully, the OPD will get a 1 hr course on biking too.