Thursday, June 12

Tranquility Swamp lands

Well with enough rain even Tranquility Park can look like Manawa in some sections. I was at TP the last couple nights mowing and weed wacking and came across standing water several inches deep on the trail in a few low spots. Nonetheless, I did see a couple guys out there riding and they didn't look too dirty. Well, they were muddy... ok real muddy but by Friday evening and certainly Saturday things should be getting sorted out and the tall grass has been dealt with for the the moment. Thanks Paul for mowing the flats. Happy riding!


Stratomatic said...

And thanks 1by9 for the huge improvement to the log pile on the far north side of the creek. Mucho less sloppy!

dale said...

Thanks to both of you for mowing. I've been so busy these last two weeks prepping for BRAN and putting in hours for Geoffrey's absense, I probably won't recognize the trail. Don't think I've been to tp since working on the interior climb. I'm probably going out Friday to fixup the grade reversals on the interior climb. I'll be surprised if they don't need some work after all this rain.

1by9 said...

As of Friday evening things at TP were much improved. While there are still a few low areas of standing water, 98% of the course is once again dry and very fast.

Dale was out today knocking off edges from the interior climb ruts making the climb much more fun and less effort.