Monday, June 9

tranquility ride tonight

Didn't visually check but tp should be good to ride this afternoon - probably need to stay off the trail just north of the creek and the nursery may be a tad slimy or not.

We are short on employees b/c of BRAN support so I can't ride tonight. But you should.


1by9 said...

Tranquility was in very good shape last night with just a few "wet" spots. Tuesday night was a bit more sloppy in the same areas due to another 1/3" of rain last night. Still, if you added up all the slippery and wet areas I bet it would be less than 200 feet. Amazing how dirty one can get in 200 feet.

DMARS rode 5 or so laps last night and I saw him out again tonight. The big man is impressive.

dmars said...

Only 4 (more like 3 1/2 the last one was kind of shortened), but thanks anyway. just trying to sneak a ride in when The weather cooperates

Greg said...

Dmars you are and mad man. 1x9 was sure riding strong.