Saturday, May 3

Want to get dirty at Tranquility?

Well the rain postponed the Swanson race a day and screwed up everyone's scheduals. However, I am going to take advantage of the softer soil conditions and do some tread work on the new meadow section on the North side of Tranquility this morning/early afternoon. Anyone who has a demented desire to help out would be greatly welcomed. Unfortunately I will only have 1 Mcleod and 1 hula hoe a couple of shovels and a new weed trimmer along today but will be borrowing a couple more Mcleods after the race Sunday so we may call for an improv tread work trail day in the near future after it rains again. Good luck to all those racing Swanson on Sunday and I hope conditions are perfect there for fast single track.

Thanks, Doug


1by9 said...

Paul N. and I were able to bench in a good portion of the new meadow addition. Conditions were great at 8:30 for tread work but by 2:30 the ground had dried out so much that it was hard to work.

Swanson should be in primo shape Sunday for the race!

dale said...

I ended up working 10 hrs at the shop. The first 2.5 was benching and trimming the demotrack. The grass roots were thick so I used the mclintock to cut the high edge and the mcleod to finish it.

Glad you guys worked the ground when it was wetter. Looks like there may be more opportunities this week.