Monday, May 5

Psycowpath Race #2

Details (and eventually results) can be found HERE.

The weather was great and the turnout was even better.

How was your race? Let us know in the comments to this post.


Biker Bob said...

I ate breakfast around 11:00 so my stomach had a chance to process it before the 2:00 race. After that all I had was water and some Gu2O. My only fuel for the race was Gu2O. No gel packets for me, but I probably could have choked down a gel right before the start. That combination seemed to work and I did not have stomach problems during this race.

I warmed up with a half lap, and then some repeats on the access road. I was good and warm by the time I started stretching. I made sure to try to stretch my back. When they started lining up the race, I did a few laps in the grass area to get my blood moving again prior to the start. The start was way faster than it needed to be. With 5 laps to go, starting fast just doesn't make sense unless you can hold that pace for all 5 laps. I tucked in near the back of the pack, and that worked out well for me.

On lap one, I got through the big ravene without getting stuck, so that set boosted my confidence. I am always nervous about climbing out of that ravene. I typically catch a root and loose my momentum. After the ravene, I pulled up behind Jeff Bergan and followed him for a while until something on his bike broke. Then I set my sites on Larry and fellow BMCC team member Jon Holmes. I was able to pull up on Larry in lap 2 and make a pass when he stopped for a water bottle at then start of lap 3. I put a bit of distance on him during lap 3, but he realed me back in on lap 4. I also passed Jon on Lap 3. Jon is a great rider, and it was really hard to catch him. He kept pulling away on the technical stuff each time I got close. I caught, and then swapped places with ???? a few times during lap 3 before he passed me between lap 4 and 5 when I stopped for a water bottle.

During Lap 4 my back was hurting quite a bit. It was dictating the pace I could climb, even though my legs had lots left. I guess that is my weakest link right now. On lap 5 my back actually siezed up several times on ruough sections. I was planning to make a surge and see if I could bring in ???, but once my back started cramping like that, I kind of lost the desire to push harder. I was also having trouble with my right shoulder. I had irritated it a bit on Saturday trying to start a stubburn lawn mower, and by the end of the race, it was about to give out. It still hurts today.

At the end of the race I finished 7th, but I was only a few minutes off Larry, so I'm at least in striking distance of seeing the podium again this year.

In the end I was very happy with the results. I have a lot better idea of what my body can maintain for 5 laps, and I know what areas I need to work on. With a bit more trail riding, and some improved back fitness, I'll be right back in the hunt.

Lightbulb moments:
Making it through the ravene (YEAH!)
Jeff's bike breaking (DOH! Jeff is fun to ride with, that was a bumber)
Passing Larry (YEAH!)
Passing Jon (YEAH!)
Larry Passing me (DOH!)
Finishing (OH YEAH!)

dale said...

I rode to church, ate lunch around 11, then rode to Swanson arriving around 12:10. Danna got there about 11:40 with the girls so she was rushing to get them registered in time.

I setup the tent and chairs and talked with people. Time flew by. I tried to warmup but misjudged the time, riding the start loop twice was about it.

On the start, I see Danna with my Hammer Perpetum and electrolyte tabs. I left them in the van which she took to drop off Hannah. Part of my misjudged prep time. Anyway, I turnaround to get the energy and leave. This put me in the gap between ss and sport open.

I didn't make the root of all evil hill once. 8-( Too big a gear and not willing to grunt it out. About 5 sport open pass me on the hill. I stayed on there wheel a while, then a gap opened and a couple guys behind wanted by.

I kept moving back, front tire slid out on the tetnusridge switchbacks. Pedal bashes kicking my back tire up, sloppy bike handling. Basically, I was riding faster than what I normally do and I couldn't keep the pace nor handle ttfs smoothly which had me working even farther into zone 5 which is unsustainable.

In the second lap, I was still pushing hard, went through that g-out with a big root at the top that I usually ride in the left side and out the right side. Pedal hit the root, popped up the back tire and I drove right into the sapling on the right. The impact lifted my rear tire and swung it around 180 degrees while I grabbed the tree. Fortunately, two or three riders were right behind me so the biff wasn't wasted.

I think it was around then that I decided to back it down and put it on cruise for the last half of the race. Lap times were 27:44; 29:13; and 30:47; a 34:31 extra lap gave me 2 hrs.

There were several riders I swapped back and forth with during the last half. I could climb faster but their bike handling and downhill speed were better. As I get more tired, I don't lift my butt off the seat as much so it gets sore besides affecting bike handling.

Most people considered the temp perfect, trail conditions good, along with a favorite course for many, it was a great turnout, especially for a rescheduled race. I heard there were 151 riders!

Thanks to all BMCC members who were able to come out and represent; enjoy family and friends; and have fun on our bikes!

I also want to thank all you who helped man the THOR tent. Looking forward to a post on the THOR blog about their day.

And finally thanks to the sponsors of the Nebraska Lottery Psycowpath series and Midwest Cycling Community for hosting the race.

POLOSCAB said...

My race was only a little better than Eight Bells at the derby.
The day started out great, set up the THOR tent and hang out with great people.
A sinus headache was present, but not bad yet. I started a 30 minute warm up at 11:00. A little ride or run almost always clears my head, not this time.
At the starting line I felt good.
Of course, we took off way too fast. I was able to start catching some of the guys that got away at the start. At the road crossing my chain fell off, due to an unclear head. When I stood up after the repair, my head hurt bad. As my heart rate went up my vision in my right eye was blurred. After brushing a couple of trees, I was done. My first cross country DNF.
Talking with Doug at the THOR tent helped put it in perspective. A DNF would have bothered me a lot more in previous seasons. Now it is about the love of the ride. Of course I plan to love the ride a lot faster at Manawa.

Biker Bob said...

That blurry vision in the right eye kind of scares me. You might want to talk to a doctor about that.

Glad you decided to pack it in rather than possibly have a major injory. I know I hit more than enough stuff with perfect vision.

"Eight Bells at the Derby"... Um... Huh?

Stratomatic said...

The link below has some photos I snapped before I had to leave the event. Good Times...