Thursday, May 1

fix to freewheel impressions

I've been riding my fixed Mary exclusively for four months. Waiting for my seatpost to come in, I've been riding a demo ss hardtail for a couple days. The differences in bikes has produced a couple impressions:

  • Flatbars are uncomforable compared to my Marybar.

  • Riding on hilly gravel roads, it seems like I was coasting half the time. I didn't like it. I prefer to have my legs moving. Then the workout is more even compared to coast/push hard, repeat.

  • Coasting reminds me of skiing or sliding down the hills.

  • Coasting downhill is faster b/c I didn't have to brake to keep from over spinning and my legs weren't tired from a really high cadence.

  • Coasting is nice for standing up off the seat and stretching.

  • I prefer a bigger gear and to stand more than a smaller gear and too much spinning.

  • For corners, I had to think about positioning my outside pedal down, otherwise they seem to stay in an 8/2 o'clock position.

  • I thought I had really low tire pressure till I remembered I had the suspension fork unlocked.

  • Unlocked suspension feels like a wet noodle. 8-)

  • Juicy 3 feels nice (less vibration) but they take more grip pressure to stop than my bb7.

I put my Thompson seatpost on Mary tonight and rode a lap around Tranquility.

I am much happier on Mary with a marybar, 58" gear, bigger volume tires, rigid, fix. I think my phil hubs and stan flow rims also contributed to the more comfortable feeling but would have to isolate them in a blind test from other changes to tell for sure. I do know I was running under 20psi with tubes and the tires, Continental Mt King 2.4 and Kenda Karma 2.2, weren't spinning on the rims nor pinch flatting.

I guess as we get a bike dialed in and/or we become accustomed to certain features, changing those features feels strange and uncomfortable. Almost like a new baseball mit vs one that you broke in. Click here for my first thoughts on going from freewheel to fix and the latter comments in this post.

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