Sunday, December 30

Team Green President goes Fixie?

It is true. Dazzling Dale awed all other riders Saturday at a snow and ice covered Lake Manawa course riding a rigid single speed fixie that was sporting a splendid pair of hand made chains. The long and lanky guru of the unusual rode with near perfection Saturday, having to pedal continuously while others coasted. "You rode really well!" stated BMCC rider Tim Wieland after the ride. I can personally attest that it was an inspiring performance to watch and only begs the question "what can we expect from our fearless intrepid leader in the upcoming 2008 race season? Will Dale actually RACE a fixie? Only time will tell.

Happy New Year everyone.


dale said...

"lanky guru of the unusual" that's being kind compared to what other discriptions might come to mind. 8-)

With only Saturday's 3 laps at Manawa for my singletrack fixie experience, I am leaning toward fixed for 08 Psycowpath.

Why? Because it adds difficulty to easy ttfs, gives a better workout in a shorter distance, and adds a different dynamic than anything I've previously experienced riding bikes.

I must put more of myself into the ride - think more, increase some skills, and even develop different skills. Fixed also fits in with my dislike of on-the-edge speeds.

A fixed rigid fat tire for singletrack sounds fun to me.

RF said...

someone should buy Dale a unicycle just to see what happens.

really, Dale, that was some impressive riding on that fixed gear. Thing about not being coast, then think about the potential to have your weight distribution off by having the wrong side pedal down in a corner. you could drag a pedal, or wash out in the corner, and Dale did neither. Also, consider what all of us do when we bunnyhop: we coast. When we go over a log: we coast. most of us probably could not even hop a log with our non-dominant foot/pedal in the forward position--- and Dale has to do it in whatever continuously changing position he is presented with as he appreoaches the log. Dale, I am impressed.

I'll be even more impressed after the Platte 6 hour marathon.

dale said...

6hrs of Platte ... that was a nice slap on the face ... haven't got my mind around that yet!

Snow riding works well for fixy because I'm leaning very little, if at all, in corners; and the back pedal pressure provided traction feedback. I was able to feel how much pressure was needed to break traction, and that gave me more confidence riding. This is a big benefit over coasties.

I did find myself taking the easy line around logs more often, but was surprised how few pedal strokes I bashed over logs.

The unicycle is out b/c it looks too hard to balance, but I've thought about taking the penny-farthing down to Tranquility for dirt!

1by9 said...

It is going to be an amazing season just watching Dale "GET FIXED" on downhills. Good thing Dale and Danna already have 2 wonderful daughters. Seriously though Dale, great job Saturday. Keep up what all the rest of us are afraid to do and for God's sake...keep pedaling.