Wednesday, April 9

TP trail ride tonight?

I'll be riding laps at TP tonight after about 5:30. This might be the last chance to hit some reasonably dry dirt for a while.

Anyone else heading out to Tranquility tonight?


dale said...

Chris and I will be out there smoothing out a couple flow issues on the iceplex side. See you out there.

Biker Bob said...

Ran into Dale and Chris while I was riding. Thanks for working on the tail guys.

This was my first time on the TP trail since before Doug started making changes. Needs to smooth in a bit, but I like it so far.

Thank you to everyone that has put in so much work on the trail.

Rico said...

Kudos to Dale and Chris also and everyone else who has worked on TP.

Was my first ride on TP since changes last year. Seemed like there even more new stuff on the north end by the fur trees, nice!

Was only able to do one lap then needed to drop my bike off at BM….. creaking noise seems to coming from my bottom bracket when I really start to crank on it…..any way as much as I can crank on it. This started at Maskenthine, people really could hear it as I was come up out of the creek. I thought something was going to brake.