Sunday, April 13

Skinny tire sunday

The wind didn't keep me off the bike. The rain kept me off the dirt, but the skinny tires sliced through the wind like a hot knife thru butter. My fat body blocked it though!

A couple crappy phone pics located here if you want a bit more.


RF said...

a road bike is a GREAT way to gain fitness. way to get out and enjoy the skinny tires. speed is fun!!

Biker Bob said...

I managed to get out there this afternoon. My skinny tires made no difference though. See why ->

Rico said...

I had to work all weekend but Sunday morning I through my road bike on the back of my car with the thought, "If I ride my bike home I will have to ride to work." it did what I set it out to do.

At 6:30am I was out the door with my lights a flashing. At 7:20 I was coming through the door of lower level of the garage and a division manager asking, "where do you live again?"

It is nice to think that we try to make our carbon foot print a little lighter.