Tuesday, February 12

tomicog converts ss to fix gear


Changing this one component, freewheel to fix, changes the ride experience more than changing any other component. It's almost like learning to ride a bike again, it's that different at first.

I made my own cog here but tomicog has started producing 20t-16t disc cogs because a couple other aftermarket cog producers won't continue making them.

Winter is a great time to try out the fix experience because:
- the pedal feedback lets you get a good feel for traction on snow or slippery conditions
- you ride very vertically on corners, thus no chance of pedal strikes
- to cold to ride other bikes, thus you can concentrate on, get use to, and maybe really enjoy fix
- can enjoy easy pace, less internal pressure to go fast or keep up with others

These 20t and 18t cogs are currently available for you to check out fix gear.

You need a bike with non vertical dropouts, or an eBB, and a six bolt disc brake rear hub.

Ride it for a week and then decide if you like it or not. Contact me if you want to try one for free.

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