Saturday, February 9

new bmcc kit

New logo and sweet kit design!!! We are seeking pre-orders. The order will ship in mid-March.
For a full list of available items and pricing, contact Dave at 402.964.1080 or


Roxy said...

When does the shop need the orders in order to hit the March delivery date?

I hope you all like what you see. I had one of my graphic designers put it all together.

Oh, and all for post-race/ride T-shirts too, say I! (Trying to talk them into it!)

Tim Wieland said...

New design looks awesome, thanks for the work in putting together.

Count me in for a couple T-shirts!

UnderDaHill said...

Looks good so far.

I'm looking forward to getting something that isn't all pilled from snagging on my camelbak velcro.

I thought we were supposed to wear our THOR stuff post race ;-)

POLOSCAB said...

I am in for a jersey or two. Not sure about shorts, realy like P.I. shorts. My butt is the only thing that dosent hurt after a race.

RF said...

I'm in for 2 jersey and 2 bib shorts. lots of racin to get done this year. and i gotta try and keep up with Rox!