Friday, February 22

Saturday Gravel?

Ok, so I've invited my singlespeeding friends out on geared gravel rides and they've suffered a bit.  I guess you suffer a bit more when SS'ers are the minority.  Especially the ones with those big heavy hoops. 
So Saturday is time to return the favor.  Take me on a ride where gears and tiny wheels are the minority.  I'm up for a mid-late morning start, should be over 30 deg and climbing. 
Let me know what that plan is and lets hit some pavement and/or gravel.  I'm up for roadbikes too if you want.  Email me or post to blog.


dale said...

To make sure I get there today, I'm driving to fremont and calvin crest to mark some trail.

Hopefully, the legs will want some spinning after several hours of walking. If so, I'll head towards ft calhoun. I'll listen to the body and hopefully not need a lift this time.

I'm thinking gravel to fremont sunday afternoon. I average around 12mph so about 2.5hrs there, maybe on to calvin crest, then return.

Tim Wieland said...

So how was everyone's ride today? The nicest day of the year so far, and I sat inside on my trainer ... :-) Hope to get outdoors tomorrow afternoon for a couple hours!

dale said...

I didn't ride. Spent about 6 hrs at cc, even got the van stuck in the snow. Fortunately, the maintenance man helped push me out.

I'm leaving from Greg's with Ray and Dave at 1:30. They want a couple hours on some gravel north. I'm sure you are welcome to join.

I am thinking about riding an hour or so before that - Fort, 216th, Ida, through SBL to Gregs. Either ride or both sound good to you? I could leave at noon and stop at your place or ride back through your place to Greg's.

RF said...

I ended up getting 55mi/3.5hrs of gravel in chasing Shim & Kevin & Grady. early reports indicated 3500 feet of climbing. super fun. gorgeous day!

riding road bikes today to plattsmouth then glenwood...

1by9 said...

I got in over 10 hours on the couch today. I might hit the recliner hard tommorow if the legs are up to it. Super fun, gorgous day!

dale said...

Rode with Greg, Ray, and Dave out Ida to 216th and back to Greg's. Then out to dutch hall and back. After the sun came out, it was a gorgeous day. I ended up with over 3 hrs of chasing hilltops and enjoying the ride.

I took a road bike down the street and back for the first time in probably 6-8 months Friday. The dropbars and shifting felt strange. I guess I'm out of practice.

POLOSCAB said...

Only 2 hrs on the ss saturday, but 1 hr running sunday. Sunday hurt the most, by far. Going to have to sneak up on the half marathon distance. I feel old today.
1by9, you better be carefull on the transistion. Those dual discipline events are tricky. If you can get Mary to warm up the recliner prior to transition, that should help.