Saturday, February 23

new wheels for mary

phil kiss-off fix disc hub, had a phil front hub from a previous build, dt comp spokes, brass nipples, and stan's ztr flow rims. The flows are 28mm wide, the extra 4mm should give better volume, and I'm finally going to try no tubes sealant. I bought the bob trailer bolt assembly. Doesn't pulling/getting pushed by a bob fixed sound fun? 8-)


RF said...

I'm glad to see you'll have a rear brake, especially for pulling a trailer. I've noticed that with a loaded trailer its easy to overpower the front brake, in which scenario you will actually "nose-wheelie" and the trailer will lift your rear axle off the ground. safest braking is with a modulated combo of front & rear brake.

that should build up to a very nice set of wheels.

dale said...

I got the disc capability in case I throw a freewheel on it. Normally, I will have a tomicog on it for fix/fix. I was just going to use a front brake and my legs on the fix for slowing bob, since I should be spinning a pretty low gear to pull, and since I can't freewheel down a hill, my speed is kept in check.

What were the circumstances that produced a nose wheelie?