Saturday, February 2

last hour of 12 hrs

Rod's in the back, then Dave, Eric, and I can't remember guy in front. Dropped in around the start of the 12th hour. You guys are amazing! and really weird!

edit: Here are some more pics -


bryan said...

The guy in the Kaos kit is Scott Tarry. Well done, boys. Better you -- and your junk -- than me.

Bike Masters said...

Dear friends:

We successfully completed the 2nd Annual 12 Hours of Troy indoor trainer ride this past Saturday.

We had 17 people take part.

We had 4 complete the entire 12 hours-
Rod , Scott, Eric, Dave.

Doug did 9 hours.

Suzanne did 5 hours.

Thanks to Coach Troy Jacobson for inspiring us to keep training all winter.

Our video playlist for the day:
Spinervals 12.0 Recharge
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
Spinervals 17.0 Aero base Builder II
Spinervals 21.0 Aero Base Builder IV
The Triplets of Belleville
The Bourne Ultimatum
Spinervals Autumn Country Ride
Spinervals 24.0 Hillacious

Thanks also to:
Gu Sports
Infinit Nutrition
Felt Bicycles
Sugoi Clothing
Castelli Clothing
Pearl Izumi

In the words of the Swanky Modes, “An ordinary man would have given it up by now!!”

Bike Masters