Thursday, February 7

I need to ride outside more

but I'm having difficulty getting motivated.

Bought a bob trailer last year with the intention of using it to buy groceries. That wasn't happening, so I decided this week to pull it when I commute to work and stop by the store on the way home to pick up little stuff like milk, bananas, coffee. Can't find my trailer QR nor the spare!!! Unfulfilled goals can get me down.

Rode gravel north of Bennington last Saturday. Looked at to find a gravel route to Fremont. Was planning to pull the bob there and do some trail marking this Saturday. High of 28 and falling temps during the day. Not good for a 3hr one way ride. Another goal with two strikes against it.

At least I did a dog ride around the neighborhood last night to get Ginger some exercise.

Any suggestions for overcoming this negative mindset?


1by9 said...

Watch Martin's snow video.
Ride the Walbash with your chains.
Hit the gym.

It is early, motivation will come when the weather improves, or in your case, when your surroundings improve. I.E. riding in Colorado, Utah next month.

POLOSCAB said...

Use the rose colored lenses in your sun glasses.They help me by filtering out the gloom of winter, it looks bright and cheery out.
Also I have been getting some mialage running on the Keystone. There are lots of other runners and bikers playing there. If you can run in to like minded people, that is always good.

dale said...

Hey 1x9, I took advantage of the sun and went Fort to Mt Michael to Ida to 168 and then neighborhoods. Stopped by your door, said hi to Rocky and Hudson, then chatted with Tim and Crystal before getting home.

Remember form after following Morris plan of weightlifting and riding and wish I had it. Need to enjoy today and be greatful woke up on the right side of dirt.

poloscab, unfortunately, there are not a lot of fattire fix fools to find a like mind with. 8-)

Keep up the keystone running!

1by9 said...

Good job with the ride last night. I heard the doorbell but was too lazy to pull off the ice packs and hobble to the door. Long day at work with lots of swelling, sorry.

RF said...

every little bit counts. and when you cant get out, make smart choices about eating. when i cant ride as much, i am doing lunges in front of the TV, or situps & push ups in a hotel room. Anything to keep the muscles a bit "taut" when i cant ride.
Also, I setup my home desktop screensaver to play over an hour of moab & fruita videos. so whenever i walk by the computer, i see some guys ripping singletrack.
in college I rode my bike down the staircase into the basement in winter. I wouldnt recommend that though.