Thursday, December 20

gravel TNR Dec 20

Folks, its gravel time.  Not too much fun to ride around compacted snow when you know you could hike it faster.  And Martin hasnt yet built a leaf blower with a heating element to clear off trails.
Meet NEAR lewis and clark, we'll ride north on gravel through iowa.  This will be a good opportunity to do some fast cadence riding on relatively flat roads. 
From i-29, take the 25th(?) st exit as if you're heading to lewis and clark, but rather than turning a left at the first light, head straight south about 2 blocks to a public park, ROberts Park.  Park here at 6pm, ride starts at 6:15pm, we'll head out then back and go get some eats.  Larry misses everyone even more than I do, so he's coming to town and hopes to see many of you. 
Don't be a wanker. 

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