Friday, December 21

chains need some adjustments

I was cinching the chains pretty tightly to minimize chainstay taps. Went to put on a 2.1 and I found the sidecasing was being worn through on the weirwolf. Though not as much, there was some wear on the saguro as well. I cut all the chains off and am going to try shorter chains, longer zip ties, and keeping the outside chain loop parallel with the sidecasing. Also will not cinch them so tightly. Obviously, more testing needs to be done for a long term setup.


POLOSCAB said...

You may want to try some shrink tube around the chain, just on the side walls.
Of course there is the slight chance that you have gone too far this time and chains should not be used on bike tires.

However, since I have never gone too far on bike mods, I am confident that you are safe.


Stratomatic said...

Let me know when you have this perfected Dale. I was sliping around over at Standing Bear after work yesterday. The snow was just starting to turn to slush.

And Happy New Year too!
- Paul

1by9 said...

Keep working the chain angle Dale. I threw on some pricey studs and they are great on ice but poor on snow. There is no beating a wide tire for deep snow (which is what we have at Tranquility right now.)

Manawa is very fun though because there is a nice track laid in around the entire course.