Friday, July 15

volunteers needed for 2016 Nebraska Lottery Psycowpath Tranquility Trail Tantrum - Aug 6

Please consider volunteering for a job to help make TTT a great experience for the racers!
Lunch from the food truck is included for volunteers.

There are over 30 separate jobs with time slots. You may take several jobs or the same job over multiple time slots.

Please send email to tpmbt[at]cox[dot]net for the job you would like to help with.
Thank you,

Volunteers are needed at the jobs listed below:

Wed 17:00 - course marking - flags, stakes, tape, trail paint
Will mark intersections with paint, put in stakes with tape on ground and flags through tape so non racers can ride over blocked tread.
- Dale
- others

Fri 17:00 - Move tape off ground and put flags in tread, trail paint service road

18:00 Move three or four picnic tables from farmhouse to start/finish with THOR trailer

Sat 06:30 setup at north kiosk, baseball parking lot –
  • Parks permit
  • insurance certificate
  • race course maps, on-site registration forms, table
  • water table 
  • food table and parking marked for food truck
  • registration tent and table
  • officials' tent and table
  • PA
  • Results Board and Podium
runners' water, cups, table, trash can at approx. 3/6 miles which is at the Fowler/126th west entrance, service road apex

cones and paint service road crossings

07:00-08:00 ride course with paint, tape to verify/fix course markings

07:00 runner registration opens

hand out bib numbers
10th TTT t-shirts for pre orders
Psycowpath T-shirts for all

07:00-09:00 go-fer - help officials and others at start/finish area
- one person

08:00 runners' race starts

08:15-09:30 course marshal, fill water cups for runners on service road at West entrance
- one person

08:30-09:30 Registration open for Junior, Cat 3, marathon
- Danna, + 2 more people

Hand out chips -
hand out bib numbers -
Day of Registration -

09:00-11:00 go-fer - help officials and others at start/finish area
- one person

09:45 Racers’ Meeting – officials – passing etiquette, runners on course, Paul's Motivator

09:45-11:00 Junior sweeper
- one person

10:00 4hr, cat 3, Juniors race starts

10:00-11:00 course marshal - till all juniors are through
West entrance off Fowler and 126th - direct juniors to north side of creek, skipping all the southhill.
- one person

10:15-11:15 course marshal – till all cat 3 or juniors are through ttf
lower ridgeline
- one or two people

10:15-11:40 course marshal – till cat 3 or juniors are through ttf
Paul's Motivator
- one or two people

10:15-11:30 Registration open for Cat 2 and 1
- Danna, + 2 more people

hand out bib numbers -
Day of Registration -

10:30 Runner awards (announcer - Ryan, go-fer)

10:30-11:30 chip return
- one person, or two 30 min slots

11:00-13:00 go-fer - help officials and others at start/finish area
- one person

11:20 Awards to Jr, Cat 3 (announcer - Ryan, go-fer)

11:30-15:00 food truck - food for sale

11:45 Racers' Meeting - officials - passing etiquette, Paul's motivator

12:15-14:00 course marshal - lower ridgeline  (bring bag chair, umbrella for sun)
- one or two people

12:30-14:00 course marshal - Paul's motivator
- one person

12:00 Cat 1 and 2 race starts

13:00-15:00 go-fer - help officials and others at start/finish area
- one person

13:00-14:30 chip return
- one or two people

14:30 - Omaha Devo kids race - tentative time

Announcer - Ryan, hand out awards - go-fer
14:00 Cat 2 awards
14:45 Cat 1 awards
15:00 marathon awards

15:00 Teardown, picnic tables returned via THOR trailer

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