Monday, April 27

2015 TTT post mortem

It is good to review while fresh in mind for what went well and what can go better.
Hopefully, one will remember to read this in preparation for next year.

Weather: good call acting on forecast and pushing race to Sunday. We took over an inch of rain 03:00 Saturday morning, then stayed cloudy rest of day. Though high humidity, there was a 10mph wind. Concrete path was drying, thus evaporation taking place, thus tread drying.

Sunday Tread conditions: 09:30 I rode about 3 miles of trail with fat bike. Tires loaded up and had some mud on bb, F Der, downtube. The trail was too wet to ride. Ideally, would have waited till 18:00 after sun and wind to recheck.

Is there a double standard for tread conditions for racing vs non racing?
There is a different standard for racing. Given the sunshine and slight wind forecast for race day, I knew conditions would be improving. Having a slightly wet, slippery trail before the race is not as fun for the first racers and laps. But over the course of the day, over 300+ bike laps would put down on the tread. This smoothed and in some cases widened the tread. A few low lying locations where water soaked in deeply were rutted out deeper and produced a larger gather place for rain next time. But over all, having 600+ rolling pins (tires) roll out the dough (tread) produces a highway type of singletrack. Tomorrow will be the best shape of the trail for the entire year - most conducive to CX and even road bikes riding a smooth, hard packed tread.

Start loop: First race skipped Paul's Motivator and Playland, just doing the double track around the wetlands. Reason being is that we had runners still on the course and didn't want to run up on them in the Playground. 
Second race, skipped Motivator but did run them in the Playland. In hindsight, we should have skipped Playground because there were Marathoners into their race a couple hours in front. This produced gaps because not everyone could get around them as quickly.
Next time: will need course marshal at Motivator, entrance and exit of Playland. Maybe divide double track into two singletracks so no collision when marathoners exiting Playground combine with faster start lap group.

Running race: didn't realize R&R bring food for runners. Had Dave P do likewise.

Four people for registration worked well: day of registration; chip person (chip man Dave!); bib number; limited tshirts. Would only need three. Danna mentioned that people were asking a lot of questions about the race that she couldn't answer. 
Need to get a list of those question and have answer sheet, or race director needs to stay closer to registration.

Not having enough chips for both races produced some anxiousness for a few racers whose chip didn't return until just before their race. I know chips are expansive and the current system is still be paid off or money is being saved for a new system. I can't speak to the software user friendliness but the timeliness of results is great. 
Ideally, the next system should be based on bib with disposable chip. Don't know how much more it would cost to run over current system but that would ease the timer, registration, and racers being distracted from their race.

Course marshals: for those working both (or all three) races, need to make sure that at least once they are called and visited with food or spelled so they can take a break. 
There should be two marshals per location so they can talk and one get needs while other watches and vice-versa.

Smokin Lefty's BBQ worked out very well. Food is good. They were on time. They worked till the racers were done and were flexible to work Saturday or Sunday. They asked to come back, thus we were a good for them too.

Helpers were very much appreciated. Didn't take them for granted. Had comemorative tshirt for those who pre commited to help and $10 for each to eat and give business to SL BBQ. Also gave $10 to a few day of helpers to show appreciation, eat, and support SL BBQ.

Having Ryan and Roxy roll in with their supplies and race organization really makes the races so much easier to put on than in the old days. Ryan adds much value on the PA system to the racers' experience and the crowds' experience. Ryan talking instead of racing sets the Psycowpath series apart from the other regional mtb races, imo. Having helpers to help them setup and teardown is the least we can do to show our appreciation.

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